Write, Think, and Learn


Yesterday I stumbled over a blog post which linked to a very interesting paper about how to write more clearly, think more clearly and how to learn complex material more easily. I recommend that you read the whole thing!

How to Write More Clearly,
Think More Clearly, and
Learn Complex Material More Easily


What I got from that paper was first of all some good advice on how to write more clearly, but also more reasons for why it's good to write about things in the first place and therefore why having a blog like this is good for me. Like it says on page 7, you don’t know what you know until you try to express it. I can without a doubt say that by trying to explain things in writing here on my blog I increase my understanding of the subject a lot more than if I was just going to keep that knowledge in my unorganized head.

So, go read that paper and start applying some of the principles in your own life 😄

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