10 Steps to Excellence


Just felt like sharing these 10 interesting points on how to move towards excellence in for example your studies, your career, your main interests,faith and spiritual life, et cetera.

  1. Never be satisfied or content with your current position
  2. Be single-minded, focused and determined
  3. Don't look back or fixate on past failures
  4. Go forward, act
  5. Press on, have persistence
  6. Be motivated from above; not by trivial things like money, status or popularity
  7. Adopt the mindset of a pacesetter; don't settle for the status quo
  8. Draw inspiration from positive role models; hang out with inspirational people that are better than you, who you can learn from
  9. Stay away from bad crowds, bad friends
  10. Keep your eyes on the prize

They are from the second half (or something like that) of a talk by Samuel Pipim, based upon Philippians 3:12-21.