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Tail less

I keep seeing people typing these lines in the console:

$ tail /path/to/some.log
$ tail -f /path/to/some.log

This is often a dumb thing to do. Why? Because you can’t really do anything with tail. What if you discovered you needed to look at something right above the lines you got printed out? Or what if you were -f’ing and something flew past you that you needed to investigate further? You’d have to leave tail and run it again with more lines or use a different tool instead. Not very practical.

What more people should do is to use less tail and more less πŸ™‚

$ less /path/to/some.log

Things you can do with less


Γ’β€ β€˜

Up one line
Γ’β€ β€œ

Down one line

Up one page

Down one page

Beginning of file

End of file

ctrl + c

Stop follow


Search forward

Search backwards

Next search result

Previous search result

Much more flexible and handy than tail! Know your tools πŸ˜‰ Now back to work…

Ultra simple SFTP server for Windows

Core FTP mini-sftp-server interface
Was going to test some code the other day which needed to talk to an SFTP server. Stumbled over a small gem which was super simple to use. It’s called Core FTP mini-sftp-server. No installation, no tricky stuff. Just download and run. Great stuff πŸ™‚

Note: They also have a not-mini-sftp-server, which is the first dowload, so make sure to get the right download link.

PHP: Generating transparent PNG fillers

So, I was fooling around the other day with an HTML table and wanted to make the odd rows slightly darker. Figured I could use for example an 80% transparent black PNG to do that (or could have just assigned a darker color, but where’s the fun in that?). Either way, ended up making a little something that I thought I could share just for the fun of it. I learned a few things, so maybe someone else can too πŸ™‚

So, here’s how to make a small transparent PNG filler image on-the-fly using PHP πŸ™‚

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WP Latex test page

So, as my brother noticed in my last post, I have some cool equations here. The brilliance behind it is something called LaTeX, which can be used in WordPress blogs thanks to the WP LaTeX plugin.

I am a total LaTeX newbie though, so I often struggle a bit with… getting it right. Trying it out by previewing WordPress posts is sloooow, so I decided to create myself a simple test-rig. A simple web page with a form and a button.

Let me know if you like it: tools.geekality.net/wp-latex 8)

Helpful Unix and Mac commands

I am for the most part a Windows user. I was kind of moving towards Linux, Ubuntu in particular, but that ship pretty much sailed when I got my hands on Windows 7. Awesome, awesome operating system. But, I still have to use some Unix and Mac systems once in a while. And then there are certain commands that I often use, but always forget since it usually goes a bit of time between times I do it. So, what follows is basically just a list of commands that I keep forgetting, but keep having to look up again.

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