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How to search for a table or column in a big Oracle database

I needed to find columns containing a certain string. That is, the name of the column should contain that string. Actually not too difficult to do 🙂

SELECT owner, TABLE_NAME, column_name
FROM all_tab_columns
WHERE column_name LIKE '%FOO_ID%';

That gives you a nice list of all columns containing FOO_ID and what tables you find them in. Fantastic! Now, back to work…

How to delete WordPress post revisions

Having revisions on my posts is nice I suppose. But I was starting to get a bit annoyed with the increasingly long list of revisions in each post. And they really did get long. Mainly because I am in a bit of a testing and experimenting phase which means that I have done a lot of adjustments to almost every single post so far because I don’t have 100% control on how I want things or how things will end up looking and so on 😛 There’s also of course all the obligatory spelling errors I only discover after I have clicked Publish 😛

Anyways, I found a nice little MySQL snippet to clear out all of them in a French comment to a blog post. Thought I could share it here. That way I won’t lose it either 🙂

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