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PHP: Generating transparent PNG fillers

So, I was fooling around the other day with an HTML table and wanted to make the odd rows slightly darker. Figured I could use for example an 80% transparent black PNG to do that (or could have just assigned a darker color, but where’s the fun in that?). Either way, ended up making a little something that I thought I could share just for the fun of it. I learned a few things, so maybe someone else can too 🙂

So, here’s how to make a small transparent PNG filler image on-the-fly using PHP 🙂

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C#: How to send emails

Sending a basic email message in a C# application is quite easy thanks to a class called SmptClient. We simply need an address to send to, an address to send from, the message we want to send and the address of an SMTP server, hand it all to the SMTP client, and you’re done:

var from = new MailAddress("me@example.com", "Me");
var to = new MailAddress("you@example.com", "You");

var message = new MailMessage(from, to)
    Subject = "Greetings!",
    Body = "How are you doing today?",

var client = new SmtpClient("smtp.example.com");

using (client)
    catch (SmtpException e)

That was pretty simple, wasn’t it? But what if we need to authenticate with our server? And what if we want to send our message in a more secure manner?

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C#: Generics and checking for null

When writing C#, in Visual Studio, using generics… have you ever tried checking for null? I have always found that a bit of a hassle.

Say we have this method which returns the subject if it is not null, and the result of a createNew() function if it is null.

public static T NewIfNull<t>(this T subject, Func</t><t> createNew)
    if (subject == null)
        return createNew();
    return subject;

Not claiming this is a very useful method, but it was the simplest thing I could come up with 😛 Anyways, in Visual Studio you will now probably have a blue (is blue here at least) squiggly line under the equality operator. It states you are doing a Possible compare of value type with ‘null’, which of course is reasonable and correct. We could just ignore it and move on… but we don’t really like squiggly lines, do we? I sure don’t… so lets get rid of it.

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