Programming is what I do for a living and also what I do as a hobby. So a lot of code is produced. According to Scott Hanselman, one of the ways to keep your blog from sucking is to have a code garage sale. And according to his post about Garage Sales:

Abandoned car in the desertGarage Sale Code should follow at least 4 of the 5 C’s:

  • Complete – It’s a whole library or application.
  • Concise – It does one discrete thing.
  • Clear – It’ll work when you get it.
  • Cheap – It’s free or < 25 cents.
  • (Quite Possibly) Crap – As with a Garage Sale, you’ll never know until you get it home if it’s useless.

How many of those points are fulfilled by my code, I’ll leave for you to judge. 🤔

My public code repositories

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