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My favorite podcasts

Thought I’d make a list of my favorite podcasts, just for the fun of it. Not a long list at all, but definitely a list of my favorites. And I mean, really favorites. Check them out if you haven’t. I love to listen to these on the bus to/from work 🙂

That’s it for now. Will add more later probably. In the mean time, what’s your favorite podcast? Please share in the comments below!

Universal Greeting Time (UGT)

Stumbled over the concept of Universal Greeting Time on IRC a little while ago. Found it kind of brilliant :p

UGT (abbr.): Universal Greeting Time.
UGT is convention initially established in #mipslinux on (now but slowly taking over the world. It states that it is always morning when person comes into a channel, and it is always late night when person leaves. Local time of any member of channel is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. Your ass will be laminated. (geoman is exception to this rule – his ass will be fried instead).

Used as follows:
Good (UGT) Morning, Everyone! or good morning (ugt) (on entry to channel).
Good (UGT) Night – when leaving it.

The idea behind establishing this convention was to eliminate noise generated almost every time someone comes in and greets using some form of day-time based greeting, and then channel members on the other side of the globe start pointing out that it’s different time of the day for them. Now, instead of spending time figuring out what time of day is it for every member of the channel, we spend time explaining newcomers benefits of UGT.

Source: UGT

Good night!

Nerd explained

I’ve always kind of thought of myself as a geek, or a nerd, or something in that genre. But I have never really understood the subtle differences between them. Recently I came over a good Venn diagram that explains it all! So from now on, this is the definition I will go by 😛

Nerd venn diagram

Yes, that diagram is also what I based my site title and tagline upon 😉