How to teleport your follower to you in Skyrim

Ever lost your follower in a cave? Ever had your follower gotten stuck on a ledge, behind some spider web or other ridiculous stuff? Here’s how to teleport them to your current location.

Find the reference id of your follower

  1. Open the console by pressing |
  2. Using the mouse, click on your follower to see his/her reference id.
  3. Enter the following command using the reference id you got.
    prid a2c94

This will set the target of your teleportation.

Do the teleport

  1. Enter the following command to move your follower to your current location.
    moveto player
  • kamakazeheart

    this is false it is player.moveto it is always a good idea to keep a followers ref id on hand or they can be found on a wiki some wheres

    • No,

      player.moveto refid

      would move you to your follower. What’s in my blogpost is for moving your follower to you.

  • Lucas

    no guys is PLAYER.PLACEATME “ID”

  • Havix00

    This worked! You saved my follower!!!