Why I blog

Here are some of the reasons why I have a blog and why I try to write posts more often than seldom. Many of the links are pointed to the blog of Scott Hanselman, and he was actually the one who got myself started ๐Ÿ™‚

  • By sharing your knowledge you give back to the community. I’m sure I’m not the only one who have gotten lots of help from others. Your Blog is The Engine of Community.
  • By writing stuff down you create a searchable archive of your knowledge both for yourself and others. I’ve searched my own blog plenty of times to put it like that, and if you have read any of my posts you might have noticed they’re often of the “I keep googling for this. Writing it down now”-type.
  • I’m pretty sure everyone explain things to others, and if you do this just face to face, through email or internal closed intranets, then you are wasting your words. Only a very small amount of eyes will get the opportunity to see it and in addition you’re basically giving your words away to someone else. By blogging publicly you own your content and your words have the potential to be read by many other people.
  • By explaining something to others in writing, you get practice in writing and thinking more clearly and you learn it better. Read this รขโ€ โ€™ Write, Think, Learn (many pages, but few words, so it’s quick)

If you’re thinking about blogging, especially if you’re a developer, I highly recommend that you watch the two talks by Scott Hanselman about How to be a better developer through social media and How to make your blog suck less.

If you already have a blog, here’s 32 Ways to Keep Your Blog from Sucking.