Convert windows-1252 to utf-8 on Windows

Tried to find out how to convert windows-1252 code files to utf-8 without messing up Norwegian characters today. Couldn’t really find anything good other than linux tools and php stuff. Finally, *facepalm*, I remembered it might be possible using Notepad… And sure enough, seems to work great. Just open up the windows-1252 encoded file in Notepad, then choose ‘Save as’ and set encoding to UTF-8.

Hopefully I won’t forget this the next time I need it… *sigh*

  • LinuxUser

    Dude may I give you a little advice? Throw away thos crap windows and install a Linux distro of your choice.

    Be sure to temember that next time you will need to reinstall your crapy windows

    • I totally would switch to a Linux distro, if it wasn’t for the fact that Linux totally sucks and Windows is totally awesome 😉

      On a more serious note, I have tried Linux a while and I’ve also used OS X (which is now based on Unix) and the *only* thing I have liked more than on Windows is the Terminal. And frankly, I don’t use the Terminal that much to make it worth it. I find the Linux UI (both gnome and KDE) to be slow, ugly and annoying, drivers suck, impossible to make dual screen work, not many games work, etc. Windows is in my opinion just better at the moment. At least for personal day to day use.

      This sums up many of the reasons why I still stick with Windows:

  • StudioMatrix Webmaster

    fuck my life…

    been dicking around with trying to handle windows encoding all day (got a file from a 3rd party that needed processing). Found this post…