Better piano sound in MuseScore

I’m singing in a choir, believe it or not, and I’ve started to type in some of our sheet music into MuseScore. That way I can listen to what I should be singing without knowing how to play the piano.

The default sounds, at least the piano sound I’m using, are pretty meh. Luckily it’s pretty simple to get better sound, if you’ve happened to read the manual like I have 😛

  1. Download the biggest SoundFont file from the MuseScore SoundFont manual page in their manual.
  2. Extract it using for example 7-zip (you’ll have to extract twice, first the gz and then the tar)
  3. Open up MuseScore and go to Display, Synthesizer (see picture to the right)
  4. In the SoundFont field at the bottom put in the path to your extracted SoundFont file (or click on the blue folder thingy to select it that way)

And that’s all. The piano sound should now sound a lot better, and I’m sure other sounds do as well.

(Can’t stand the Ahh Choir sounds… yuck… that’s why I’m using the piano… anyone know of a good SoundFont for voices?)