Less useless iOS WiFi sync

Update: As whoever left the comment on this post said, there might be solutions to this now. I probably was checking this out a bit too soon for people to have blogged about issues and such. When checking it out again now it seems there are a lot of people who have had issues with this, and I found a solution which Worked For Meâ„¢.

  1. Installed CCleaner
  2. Uninstalled iTunes and all other Apple software (bonjour, software update, etc) I could find through CCleaner (except QuickTime)
  3. Did a registry cleanup using CCleaner
  4. Rebooted my computer
  5. Reinstalled iTunes

When I launched iTunes again then, it worked pretty much right away. Still annoys me that I have to have iTunes running for it to work, but at least it does work. I would also prefer it if this was a feature that could work more like DropBox, in that it would work no matter where I was with my iPhone. Should’ve been a config to enable sync over “foreign” wifi and over 3G as well.

Still don’t really like Apple nor iTunes… :p

Anyone else been looking forward to the WiFi sync coming with iOS 5? I did. Someone gotten it working and found it useful? I haven’t.

Not sure why it doesn’t work, but might be because my computer is connected to the network through cable rather than wifi. Seriously Apple? They are on the same network! It should work! Stupid, stupid stuff…

In addition to that it seems the iPhone have to be connected to power… Seriously Apple? What’s the point of wireless sync if I have to be connected to a cable for it to work?! Makes no sense!

Hopefully I’ve missed something, but until someone points it out: Thanks for nothing, Apple…