Skype crash on Windows with offset 006eb5e2

Probably an obscure issue I’ll never experience again, but in case it does, I found a solution that worked in a thread on Yahoo Answers.

Run one of the commands below in a Command Prompt or just stick it into the Run dialog (win + r). Then restart Skype *sigh*… 🙄

Windows XP

> del "%userprofile%\Application Data\Skype\shared.xml"

Windows 7 (and Vista?)

> del "%appdata%\Skype\shared.xml"
Note: You may of course also find and delete the file by using Windows Explorer. I just prefer a quick one-off command 🙂


  • mert

    I have problem with skype

  • Alexander

    Thank you very mach!!!!!
    This is really work!
    Best regards.

  • Aleksandar

    I have problem to,but i don’t understand you..PLS help.. :\

    • Have updated the post with some more details. Hopefully it’s clearer now 🙂

  • genXsol

    Thank you very much for the tip.

  • Aleksandar

    I fix the problem this way
    Click Start, go to SEARCH BAR at bottom,

    Type the following and click OK.

    Locate and delete the file shared.xml.
    restart your skype.

  • Dorothy

    Thanks guys for the fix. I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this one until I came upon this fix.

    Thanks again!!

  • Rudy


    It works….

    Thanks a bunch..!!!!

  • Brijesh

    Thanx alot it works fine now.

  • Claudio

    Big shot! Problem solved in a minute, thanks a lot!

  • Gabriele


    Thanks a lot!!!!


  • Thomas

    You lifesaver! thank you

  • Nathalie

    thanks a lot!
    it works very well
    But can you short explain why we had to do that?

    • I have no clue. Seems like Skype had some issues with their servers when this crazy stuff happened. I’m guessing that file contains some sort of cache (temporary storage) of stuff that got out of sync when that happened. So when trying to use that cache, stuff went wrong. So, making the file disappear probably made Skype refresh it with correct stuff 🙂

  • Shani

    WOW, it really works, within a minute. thanks a lot, i was working on it since 5 days, and now it solved my problem. really obliged…

  • Yuki

    WOW DUDE, thanks. It worked!!!

  • Muhammad Mubeen

    BIG Thanks MATE!!! (^_^)

  • Dipak

    it happend because of windows security updates. which update i dont know. still i am trying to find update number

    • Think that must have been a coincident, cause I hadn’t updated anything when it happened. Also, I’ve read that this happened on systems running OS X and Linux as well, so couldn’t be Windows Updates really 🙂

  • Dleo

    I am having the same problem but don’t have a “shared.xml” file.

    I have the following:
    Should I delete any of these files?i

    • Sure you’re looking in the right place? Anyways, I have absolutely no idea.