Ultra simple SFTP server for Windows

Core FTP mini-sftp-server interface
Was going to test some code the other day which needed to talk to an SFTP server. Stumbled over a small gem which was super simple to use. It’s called Core FTP mini-sftp-server. No installation, no tricky stuff. Just download and run. Great stuff 🙂

Note: They also have a not-mini-sftp-server, which is the first dowload, so make sure to get the right download link.

  • platzh1rsch

    Woohoo you just saved my day! I just wanted to quickly install an SFTP Server on Windows to test something and didn’t really feel like compiling OpenSSH and everything just for that. CoreFTP is just what I needed.
    Thx buddy!

    Have a nice day

  • xyz


  • Martin Vobr

    Other similar minimalistic SFTP server is Rebex Tiny SFTP server. It’s free too. Additionaly it requires no installation. Just unzip the exe and run it. Migh be usefull. Homepage is at http://labs.rebex.net/tiny-sftp-server

    • Having a config file and user dirs I’d say it’s already too complicated for my use, but good to know about 🙂 Thanks.