Symptoms of Pride

Watching a talk called Studies on Anger, Resentment, and Forgiveness. Very good stuff. In there he mentions a list of symptoms of pride. They are from a book by William Backus called What Your Counselor Never Told You.

Like he says, if you have these symptoms, especially if you have several of them, you should watch out. You may have pride, and soon you might also find yourself with a wounded pride, which will bring emotional health issues into your life; resentment, hostility, anger, et cetera.

Here are the symptoms:

  • Trying to be noticed
  • Craving attention
  • Itching for compliments
  • Needing to be important
  • Detesting the idea of being submissive
  • Loathing the idea of admitting to wrongdoing
  • Strongly opinionated
  • Being argumentative
  • Demanding your way
  • Wanting control over others
  • Flaunting your individual rights
  • Refusing advice
  • Being critical, yet resenting criticism
  • Being over sensitive
  • Thinking you have excellences you don’t have

You should take time to watch this talk. Especially if you struggle with anger or resentment.