Ink blotNot much is happening at the moment. Well, actually quite a bit is happening. It’s just that I find myself in a rather non-eventful interlude of some sort.

Last Friday (January, 29th) I had my last day at SMS Development & Support AS where I have been working for the last 1.5 years. It was my very first job as a full-time software developer and I learned a lot. Both about developing software and about myself as a developer. Good stuff!

Next up I will return to LifeStyleTV where I spent a year as a Media Missionary. This time I will be working there as a regular employee and help out with various things. Mainly I will be developing some internal software systems with some of the others there, but I will most likely also help out with the TV production. I am going down there the 11th of February and I am looking forward to get started. 🙂

What am I doing now, during this interlude? Not a lot. Very little. Extremely little. My computer is dead. I’m sick. My energy reserves are non-existent. I’m sleeping, eating, watching tv, reading… and that’s pretty much it… To be honest I am actually kind of happy I am sick now instead of earlier or later. Just hope I will be back to normal before Thursday… 😐

Sleepy dog

  • Looking forward to Thursday 🙂
    starting to think that i won’t be able to finish the stairs, waiting for others to do their part… Not a supprice i guess… But i’ll be more than happy to help you get your stuff up if i can’t make it in time…
    See you 🙂

    • yeah… I was kinda worried that you wouldn’t. And I was also knew that if they were not finished, it was probably someoneelses non-doing and not yours… hehe. So don’t feel bad!

      I think I will probably put most of the stuff just in the corridor and get people to finish them and then take most of it up, cause it is kind of a bit. And stairs are (hopefully) safer than ladders…

  • Daniel

    What is a symphony without a rest between? A bus journey without a little fresh air and stretching? The gap between a full stop and the beginning of another sentance.

    Glad you’re getting the bugs out of your system. Lots of water, lemon and rest. Enjoy the rest of the interlude!

    • Well said! It’s just that when those breaks are too empty, it feels a bit like a waste sometimes 😛 But no worries, I’ve been sleeping and drinking and resting like a crazy person, and I’m much better now!

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