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How to install software on SunOS

Solaris is a major pain and unfortunately several servers I have to deal with runs on it. Why is it a pain? Because for some reason it seems all Solaris machines are set up differently. Different sets of installed binaries, different places things are configured, and so on. Probably all caused by lazy sysadmins and/or developers.

Anyways, today I found out that curl wasn’t installed in a server where i needed to test a SOAP request. After some hours of digging I finally managed to get a working curl installed, and figured I should document the procedure here in case I need it again, which I probably will…

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Pretty print XML on Unix command line

Needed to check some XML output from a CalDAV service so I used curl, which is nice and simple. Only problem was that all the XML came on a single long unreadable line. Figured out this was quite simple to fix.

$ curl --digest --user usr:pwd -X PROPFIND http://cal.example.com/cal.php/principals/usr/default | xmllint --format -

The key part here is of course the piping into xmllint. --format tells it to format the XML and the - tells it to read the XML from standard in. The dash can be swapped with the path to an XML file, if you need to format already downloaded XML.

$ xmllint --format file.xml

Simple pimple dimple :)

PHP: How to get all images from an HTML page

I was curious to how I could make something similar to what Facebook does when you add a link. Somehow it loads images found on the page your link leads to, and then it presents them to you so you can select one you want to use as a thumbnail.

Well, step one to solve this is of course to find all the images on a page, and that is what I will present in this post. It will be sort of like a backend service we can use later from an AJAX call. You post it a URL, and you get all the image URLs it found back. Let’s put the petal to medal!

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