Digital DreamsSince I started to program, I have made quite a bit of stuff. Most of it experimental, broken, unfinished and/or just unsharable :P But, I have finished some things of course, and some of it even turned out pretty good. Believe it or not.

You can find some of it in my small and humble Garage Sale of code. If you’re bored or curious, go have a look :)

My journey into computing

Just for fun, a rough overview over my path into computing, ordered loosely by time :P

  • Games (surprise! …or maybe not)
  • Basic MS-Dos command-line stuff.
  • Got my first computer.
  • Simple animations and drawing in Flash.
  • Made my first pseudo website (100% Flash).
  • HTML and CSS.
  • Made my first website (HTML and CSS).
  • Discovered server side includes and PHP and it’s include function.
  • Installed the Apache web server on my machine for the first time.
  • Made my first contact form which sent emails to myself.
  • MySQL.
  • Made my first guest book and a simple link visit counter thing.
  • Photoshop.
  • Photo retouching and other fun stuff.
  • Started on my bachelor degree in computer science.
  • Object-oriented programming and Java.
  • Binary, boolean algebra, simple circuits and other cool stuff.
  • Algorithms (searching, sorting and others), data structures (stacks, queues, trees and so on) and other useful things.
  • How computers actually work.
  • VHDL and FPGAs.
  • Made my first real working usable program in Java, a game called Eight Puzzle.
  • C++.
  • Made my first real working usable program in C++, a game called UltraWorm (Clone of Snake).
  • More about the inner workings of computers, all the way down to the transistor level.
  • Operating systems.
  • More about electronics.
  • Signal processing.
  • Object-oriented analysis and design.
  • Computer networks, the OSI protocols, et cetera.
  • Touched Linux for the first time.
  • Real-time systems and programming simple robots (Loads of fun :D )
  • Project management.
  • Multimedia.
  • Main project of the bachelor degree — Included among other things Linux, interfacing with web cameras, serial ports, network, JSP, and more.
  • Got my bachelor degree!
  • Thought myself C#.
  • Became a Media Missionary at LifeStyleTV.
  • Video production.
  • Camera operation, video quality, colors, composition, graphics, audio, editing.
  • Final Cut Pro and Motion.
  • Graduated from LifeStyleTV.
  • Got a job as a software developer in Norway
  • Learned a lot more about C# and the .NET Framework.
  • Finally learned about source control. (Why we never learned that during the computer engineering course, I will never understand…)
  • Finally learned about writing tests and test-driven development. (Same goes for this…)
  • And now… well… like always, learning something new every day :P Mostly related to C# and general software development. Subscribe to my blog :P

With a hint of Social Ineptitude