A flowerstick is a… stick… with kind of heavy ends. You have a stick in each hand, and on those you balance the flowerstick. Back and forth, flipping and turning. Ok, bad description… Video description is always easier :P

Anyways, flowersticks is the latest thing I… got into, or how to put it. And it is quite fun! The flowerstick and the diabolo is my two favorites at the moment. Nice thing with flowerstick is that it is very calm. And you can kind of do it anywhere. Even while you walk along the road. At least as long as you don’t do lots of crazy stuff. Clubs and balls fly everywhere (and there are more than one of them). The diabolo is only one, but it spins like crazy, so if you drop it, who knows where it will run :P The flowerstick however simply falls to the ground and stays there. And it is only one thing to pick up.

Six flowersticksI’m kind of new to it and haven’t really learned much other than from what I was shown by a girl I know (which is where I saw it for the first time I think). But it is basically just flipping it around and getting comfortable with its balance, spinning it around your sticks, et cetera. Pretty much experimenting with physics and having fun. Actually quite stress relieving too :)

A site you can go to for a DVD, a set of sticks and some tricks is Stixguru. Or you can just do like me, go to the nearest shop that sells decent juggling equipment, get a recommended starter stick, and start experimenting :P

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