Three juggling clubsWhen you know how to juggle with balls, you can do like I did and progress to clubs fairly quickly. They are juggled in the exact same way, except that you have to flip them as well. You could of course just keep going with balls and learn lots of crazy tricks and increase the amount of balls and such, but personally I found clubs more interesting. Especially since clubs are very fun to juggle with in a group. And by in a group I mean juggling to each other, as opposed to just to yourself, by yourself.

How to get started? I recommend to start with balls first and then when you have the basics covered there, clubs should be pretty easy to learn. Get someone to show you how or look at some videos on YouTube if you can’t figure it out on your own. Below is a YouTube playlist with various tutorials.


Three juggling torchesI don’t dare doing too much with my torches yet, but even just plain regular juggling with torches is quite fun. Kind of scary at first of course, but when you just overcome that initial aaaa! fire! too close to my face!-kinda fear and have accidentally grabbed the wrong end once (and figured out that it doesn’t really hurt as much as you’d think), it is very very cool. The sound of the flames roaring through the air, the heat, the not-being-able-to-see-a-thing-except-your-torches (when it’s dark, the light from the torches kind of block out everything else)… it’s awesome! And with some smooth music in your ears as well, it’s pretty relaxing and just… mmmmmmm… 8)

Should really get some clips of myself up here… but that will have to be some other time…

Other forms of juggling

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