Three juggling ballsWhen you hear “juggling”, you usually think about someone keeping 3 or more balls in the air. That’s what I did at least. And if you want to learn how to juggle, starting with balls is a good way. Clubs, rings, cloth, torches, et cetera, use the exact same system as balls do (Except the clubs have to be flipped as well, for example). Almost anything that you can grip and that have a fair weight can be juggled. Being bored? Pick up some rocks, start juggling with some cucumbers, dish brushes, teddy bears, food, anything.

If you would like to get started, you can for example head over to the The Internet Juggling Database or just Google it. There are bunches of pages about this, so shouldn’t be any problems finding some. The best way to learn is of course if you know someone that can teach you :)

Below is a video from the WJF Balls Competition 2005 and one with a famous juggler called Jason Garfield. Pretty cool stuff :)

Fire balls

Three fire balls and glovesFire balls are pretty cool, and kinda scary. I think they are made of a metal’ish core, but the important part is that they are covered with a layer of Kevlar. You dip them in, for example, lamp oil and then put them on fire. While juggling you wear a pair of Kevlar glows dipped in cold water, which prevents you from getting burned. At least as long as you only touch the balls with your glove covered hands, and re-dip your hands in cold water once in a while ;)

Other forms of juggling

With a hint of Social Ineptitude