Some people were juggling on the big lawn in front of my high school. I had nothing to do, so I went over to look at them. Then one of them asked me if I wanted to learn.

I, of course, said like everyone else that, yeah right, like I would ever be able to do that. But he said that he could show me how and guaranteed that I would know how to juggle after 15 minutes. I didn’t believe him that much of course, but it would be cool to know how to juggle, so I gave it a shot. He gave me three balls, showed me how it worked, And then I started to try. First with one, then two, and finally with all three. After 15 minutes, well, I couldn’t juggle any good at all, but I knew how to! It felt doable.

I tried for the rest of the evening, and then borrowed three balls from the guy, and started to practice in my room as well. Since then I have gotten my own juggling balls and also other juggling equipment. It is a very nice hobby to have, although I wish I had more time to practice. Of course I do have time to practice, but most of my time goes to my other hobby :P

Me juggling with torches

What I have

I am not very great at any of these. My skills are kind of… spread out because I am very curious to how things work. So when I see something new I often want to figure out how to do that as well. Anyways, here is what I currently have:

  • 6 balls
  • 6 clubs
  • 4 rings
  • 3 juggling cloths
  • 3 fire balls
  • 3 torches
  • 4 diabolos
  • 1 flowerstick
  • 2 pair of sock poi
  • 1 pair of tail poi
  • 1 pair of fire poi

For those of you who have no idea what those things are, I have put together some images and some information about each of them.

With a hint of Social Ineptitude