Garage Sale

Well, here is my garage sale of code. According to Scott Hanselman, one of the ways to keep your blog from sucking is to have a code garage sale. And according to his post about Garage Sales,

Garage Sale Code should follow at least 4 of the 5 C’s:

  • Complete – It’s a whole library or application.
  • Concise – It does one discrete thing.
  • Clear – It’ll work when you get it.
  • Cheap – It’s free or < 25 cents.
  • (Quite Possibly) Crap – As with a Garage Sale, you’ll never know until you get it home if it’s useless.

Abandoned car in the desertThe code I will be putting here, will at least fulfill that fifth point. That’s for sure. It will most likely be free too, it works on my machine at least, does what it does and should be complete. Unless it’s not. But if it isn’t I’ll let you know… and if I didn’t, let me know ^_^

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