Privacy Policy

I am a software developer and not a lawyer. That means I don’t really have a clue what to write here. Maybe I should go research that some day…

Either way, what you choose to put in public comments here are up to you, and they are public so… not much privacy there… When it comes to login information, profile data (if you choose to register), logging, et cetera, I don’t really handle that at all since it is the blogging engine, WordPress, that handles all of that. Of course I can see some of it, but rest assured I am not planning to share that with anyone or take any sort of advantage of it.

Metal confusion 1So to sum up: What’s public is public, and what’s private is private. What goes into what category basically boils down to how WordPress handles stuff here. So… go read about WordPress if you want to know more about that. :P

And if you are wondering why I even bothered to put this nonsense here: I was messing around with OpenID login providers and some of them require one of these :p

With a hint of Social Ineptitude